FAQ about being a Rotary Member

1) What is the frequency of the meetings?

We meet every Wednesday from 12:00 Noon to 1:30pm. We are dark for 4 meetings a year around holidays.

2) Where are the meetings held?

We meet at The University Club of Pasadena, 175 N. Oakland Avenue, Pasadena. Just south of Walnut. Parking is free

3) How many members are in the Club?

We have about 220 members, 1.2 million world wide

4) What are the costs & expectations of a Club Member?

For the first year about $181/month and after that $161/month. See this link for details.

Attend 60% of Club Meetings
Participate in at least one Service Committee
Fulfill the Financial obligations of Membership, which includes Dues, Meal Fees and Donations

5) What percentage of the Club is female?

About one third of the Club Members are female

6)  What are some of the Club's Projects, activities and fundraising events?

You can find most of our community projects listed under the Empowering Your Community tab on this web site.  each one of the drop down choices is a community project.  We have over 35 committees, each one is unique and offers very different opportunities for new members to get involved. About every other year we do a fundraiser party and once every so often we have a big Gayla. We have at least five social parties each year. Under the Friendship tab you will see things our club does which build and foster friendships between our members.